We offer a service to facilitate all bureaucracies involved in importing horses from the EEC or from third countries.

Using our vast network of offices, we have quick and guaranteed response efficiency in all steps for access to existing legislation and protocols that regulate the importation of equines.

We work in partnership with transporters who have modern fleets and large capacity, ensuring a high level of comfort and safety for horses.

Our Grooms are usually experienced veterinarians, accredited by airlines for this purpose.

All horses travel at the owner's risk. This includes staying in the stables, quarantine and loading. We can offer optional "stable / stable" insurance if requested.

For the quarantines, whenever possible we process the sanitary procedure in the stable of origin. If the country of destination so requires, we are also available to arrange quarantine in duly approved stables. All procedures and formalities are guaranteed by our veterinarians.

In addition to horses, Nippon Express has an extensive experience in the transport of live animals.

We are in Portugal since 1990 and we carry dogs, laboratory animals, live fish for aquariums, etc.

These are transports that require safety and efficiency that distinguish us by the good provision of evidence given.

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