Quality of Service in Horse Transportation

We offer a personalized service, transporting your horses from the field (place of origin) to the field (place of destination) guaranteeing the comfort and security in the transfer of the animals.

Based on our extensive network, we have privileged partnerships with the most important airlines operating in the air cargo market, allowing us to ensure the transit times and formalities necessary for the success of a transport with these characteristics.

Additionally we offer charter services for exceptional situations, in average of the requested requirements that can go from 1 horse to 87 per flight.

We are committed to providing innovative solutions for all situations that we trust.

We are an ISO 9001 certified company since 2003 and ATA (Animal Transport Association) Members, an international organization dedicated to ensuring and safeguarding animal welfare during transport.

You can make your reservations with Nippon Express's Flying Horses and we take care of all the necessary procedures.




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